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Kami mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada mereka yang menyokong kami. Segala testimonial dan maklum balas anda amat penting buat kami. Kami akan sentiasa memastikan perkhidmatan terbaik diberikan kepada pelanggan Jentayu Design. Berikut adalah di antara testimonial yang telah diberikan pelanggan kepada kami. Kami bagi pihak Jentayu Design mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih ;)




I have received the cards in good condition, Alhamdulillah :) suka sgt!

FYI, this is my second time buying wedding cards from you. First was in 2009 for my own wedding, this time I recommend your service to my sis. Notice the same design? hahah..insya'allah lagi 4-5 tahun I recommend you to by brother lak. 

Thanks again for the prompt and wonderful service!


Arniza Aman

Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Singapore




Sudah collect card tadi. TQ for the really2 nice artwork & workmanship :)

Really appreciate it! Nanti saya war2kan perkhidmatan jentayu design kepada kawan2 saya, insyaAllah

Terima kasih sekali lagi.


Fara Shahira




Card received today, simple n cantik. I love it. Thank you very much for your services. Will recomend to others.!


thanks again :)


Sharifah Khansa'

Kuala Lumpur



Salam JD, I ordered my wedding card and signage from you. Am super happy and satisfied with the fast response, beautiful artwork, short waiting time as well as superb customer service you have provided. I will definitely come again and recommend you to my friends. Please keep up the great work!! Thank you!


Ida Azrina & Muslim

Kuala Lumpur




The cards arrived here last Friday afternoon - thank you very much for your excellent service and fast delivery! :)



Nurul Huda

Marine Terrace, Singapore



Salam En Suhaimi,

I've received the postage by poslaju today and all goods seems lovely..Thank You very much & it's been a pleasure doing a business with you ((;


Best Regards,


Ayer Keroh, Melaka 



I really like my wedding card, sticker & bunting!! Terime kasih banyak2 pd En. Suhaimi & Pn. Intan for helping me out utk come out dgn kad yg sgt cantik. Keep it up & insyaAllah will be back to u for next coming wedding =)



Ipoh, Perak



Salam, I must say that I am really pleased with the service and also the quality of the cards. Alhamdulillah the cards reached Singapore safely. Thank you Suhaimi & the whole of Jentayu team for the excellent and efficient service. I have no regrets for making Jentayu my choice. My cards turned out really really cantik :) thumbs up! I can never thank you guys enough. will definitely be recommending Jentayu to my contacts. 


Umi Kalsom

Jurong West St, Singapore 



Salam...the packages of card are safely arrived now...tq so much for such a lovely and nice card!i love it very much! i'm happy with your service! credit to Jentayu Design! 


Noor Adila

Kuala Terengganu



We received the pakage from my uncle. 

Thank you for the good and efficient service provided, you are an excellent company, I would not hesitate to recommend to friends and relatives 

Terima Kaseh Tuan Suhaimi dan Puan Intan Semoga busines nya bertambah maju dan diberkahi Allah S.W.T. 



Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6,




Dear En. Suhaimi,

I have seen the cards and I am one satisfied customer! credits to you and the team :)

Keep up the awesome service and wish you all the best!


Thank you


Klang, Selangor



Encik Suhaimi & Pn Intan,

Cards received this afternoon.

Thank you for the efficient and friendly services.

Will definitely recommend you to colleagues and family.




Kuala Lumpur






The packages are safely in my hands now. Thank you so much for the cards.

Such a beauty.. Sending it to my nephew soon. hopefully he'll be happy & surprised with the beautiful cards.

Once again , Thank you sooo much...




Anchorvale Road, Singapura 



Hai salam JD,

dah dapat bunting dah,.

anyway, thanks for the lovely bunting & cards! nice! 

keep up the good work & services!

Jayjay & Warda

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah



Professional, creative and efficient. Fast response to queries and cards were ready in less than 3 weeks. We are very happy with your service. It was a pleasure. Thanks alot!

Suhailah & Azali

Tampines, Singapore



Hi Suhaimi...

Thanks for the cards. I am very happy with them ;) and I received a lot of compliments for it!

Baljit & Ajitpal

Klang, Selangor



At first, I thought I don't have enough time to process my card as I only have 2 months before my wedding. But seems like my card finish only about a month from the artwork until printing and shipping...

Fast service, good quality with good price


Keningau, Sabah



Memang senang berkomunikasi dgn Jentayu Design. Kad siap dengan cepat n CANTIK...I LIKE!! :D


Puchong, Selangor



Suhaimi & Intan,

I have to admit i was really impressed by your service and result. Being a typical Singaporean, I was very skeptical at first. I had viewed many designs by other website, shops both in Singapore and Malaysia but the moment I set eyes on yours, I knew I have to make it mine. And you guys really made that wish came through. To some, it might just mean an invitation card but to us, such small details counts as ours is a small and private affair so we really have to pay much attention to details.

Right from day one when I send in my enquiry, you guys followed up promptly and the whole process was a pleasant one. A very very good customer service and I salute you for that. Once printing was done, i was worried about the delivery. Will the parcel be in good condition? What happen if it rains? All sort of funny questions came to mind. But amazingly i received the card faster than i thought in EXCELLENT QUALITY and CONDITION. I can't thank you guys enough. THANK YOU.....

Sarinah Ahmad

Yishun Ave 5,




A big thank you to Jentayu Design for the superb service. Keep it up!

Siera & Wahab




Jentayu design is fast and efficient! It was a pleasure working with your extremely capable and professional team ... Thank you so much! :)

Rahmanidar & Ridhuan

Bedok Reservoir Road,




Where do I even start?

About 6 months back, I was in search of a gift bag and stumbled upon my friend’s, Fiza’s blog. From her blog, I got to know Jentayu Design. I have always love something quaint and when I saw her invites, I knew I have to keep Jentayu Designs at the back of my mind. Simple, sweet, classy, are all the criteria that I would like to have on my wedding invites.

From the constant exchange of emails to my extreme requests, Suhaimi has always been patient and gave me his 110% input on every matter. His responses was always very prompt. Thank you so very much for the amazing work that you have provided Faiz and me so far, from the wedding cards, the custom guest cards and the sweet surprise!

The guest cards were amazing! You have managed to translate what we pictured in mind rather accurately. Impressive. Once again, thank you for accomodating to our request. Suhaimi, your dedication truly shows in the conviction of your work. We wish you all the best.

Best Wishes,

Diyana & Faiz





Okay,dh received the cards..

So beautiful & lovely..Likeeee!

Thank You,En.Suhaimi@Jentayu Design.. :-) 






Just to let you know that I received the cards today and they are beautiful!! Thank you so much for everything, and I will recommending friends to you :) 

Ezdiyani & Imran

Bukit Batok Street




Salam en.suhaimi, alhamdulillah saya baru je terima kad2 kahwin saya. Excited ni! Hehe.. Terima kasih banyak2 en.suhaimi.. Saya puas hati sangat dengan cara kerja en.suhaimi dari mula2 kita berurusan.. Dan semua berjaya siap dalam masa yang singkat! Yang pasti saya suka sangat kad kahwin saya, semua sempurna alhamdulillah.. :))

Thank u so much to JD and of coz to u! :)) 

Shallyanna & Irwan

Chemor, Perak 



Kami dari Jentayu Design mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada Puan Rozana Sani, Encik Izwan Ismail dan kakitangan NSTP Group yang terlibat kerana sudi memasukkan coretan perkhidmatan dan kad jemputan kami di dalam suratkhabar New Straits Times. Jasa anda sentiasa dikenang ;)

New Straits Times, Monday 30th May 2011 (refer link below):


jentayudesign in NST




For your info, 
I just receive my card yesterday afternoon..
and thanks for your cooperation and really satisfy with the result..
brilliant job.. tq;)


Zuraini & Haslindawati

Sengkurong 'B', Brunei




saya dah pun terima kad dari jentayu

sangat gembira dan berpuas hati dengan hasil kerja anda

terima kasih banyak2 =))



Klang, Selangor



Dear Suhaimi & Intan,

Thank you for making it possible for me to have affordable yet beautiful invitation cards. You have made the whole process effortless. The design is very attractive and your service is excellent and reliable. Thank you again. Wish you all the best and a more thriving business.


Noor Izwah & Zulhasma

Sengkurong, Brunei


Superb staff. Encik Suhaimi is very friendly and very cooperative in helping us choose our designs for our cards and paper boxes. VERY GOOD QUALITY. HIGHLY Recommended! =)


Diana & Amir

Cinta Sayang Golf Club & Country Resort, Sg. Petani, Kedah.


Salam Suhaimi & Intan,
I have received my cards! I Like it and so happy for the services...
I will recommend you to all my friends.
Thank you so much for making it happened!! :)
May your business runs well & success in future.....


Hanom & Ein

Jurong West Street, Singapore


Assalamualaikum. Alhamdulillah petang tadi kad selamat sampai. Cantik sangat, saya suka... keluarga pun suka kad kahwin yang Jentayu buat. Semoga dapat berurusan dengan pihak Jentayu lagi pada masa akan datang, insyaAllah. Terima kasih ye.


Sungai Buloh, Selangor


Salam. I received the cards just now. Thanks for your wonderful service. Definitely will recommend you guys to others. Thanks a bunch =) Two thumbs up!!


Besut, Terengganu


Kami amat berpuas hati dengan perkhidmatan dari Jentayu Design Kad Kahwin. Perkhidmatannya cepat & menepati citarasa kami. Kualiti & Design yg sangat 'up to date'. Kad sampai awal dari yang dijangkakan. Sampai sekarang, ada rakan masih memuji kad kahwin kami walaupun sudah setahun lebih mendirikan rumah tangga, ternyata design Jentayu Design tak lapuk dek zaman. Terima kasih Jentayu Design.

Nadia & Affendy




Salam and Good Day to all,

I just received my cards two days ago and they were beyond my expectations, the quality and the design were superb and I am impressed. I would definitely recommend Jentayu Design to all my friends for these reasons:

1. JD is very professional in handling their customer.

2. The whole process, from engaging with designer, finalizing details, payment process and delivery of the end product were made hassle free (mostly with emails only)

3. JD wedding cards are among the most refreshing and modern designs I have seen so far, they provide great design with high quality cards (and most importantly at affordable price)

4. And... from the initial designs, edited design, delivery of the end product, JD is always ahead of the dateline they promised :) (the cards arrived earlier than I expected and in great condition) It was a great pleasure doing business with JD, and I pray that your business will prosper, ameen. :)

Mel & Tomi

Tawau, Sabah & Kuching, Sarawak.



I would like to acknowledge that my wedding invitation card has safely reach my hands.
And its BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for making the orders as easy as A B C. And the obligations you made in making our PERFECT card =)

Elisha Suriani & Muhammad Nordin

Bedok South Ave, Singapore.



Hi Suhaimi and Intan,
I just want to give my thanks to you and your company for the excellent service rendered. I fell in love with the beautiful glossy cards when i opened the delivery. We have received the remaining giftboxes too as assured. My parents love them! Thank you once again, will definitely recommend your company to my friends and relatives =).
Best wishes from Singapore. Semoga berjaya =)

Mas & Fadly

Woodlands Circle, Singapore.



(Service + Quality) best = Very recommendable :)

Aila & Sabqi

Johor Bahru, Johor.



Saya amat berpuas hati dengan kreativiti dan servis yang diberikan. Ramai yang bertanya tentang kad tersebut dan memuji. Harga juga berpatutan. Tempoh di antara tempahan dan penerimaan kad tersebut juga singkat, lebih awal dari apa yang saya jangkakan tanpa menjejaskan sedikit pun kualitinya.

Mohamad Izmee & Noor Diana

Bintulu, Sarawak



Saya amat gembira dengan hasil kerja yang memang memuaskan dari pihak Jentayu Design. Jentayu hanya menguruskan design kad dalam masa seminggu..dan masa mencetak dan penghantaran hanya seminggu..so semua siap hanya dalam 2 minggu,.thanks a lot kepada Jentayu Design for the very beautiful card and good quality..saya gembira dengan usaha yang anda berikan untuk menyiapkan kad saya secepat mungkin..thanks..=))

Lydia & Khairulddin

Bintulu, Sarawak



Kami dari Jentayu Design mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada Puan Aishah kerana sudi memasukkan coretan perkhidmatan dan kad jemputan kami di dalam Majalah Direktori Perkahwinan keluaran Utusan Karya. Jasa Puan sentiasa dikenang ;)

Direktori Perkahwinan (rujuk link di bawah untuk imej):

1. Halaman Hadapan Majalah

2. Jentayu Design m/s 1

3. Jentayu Design m/s 2



Ever had we imagine working with an overseas vendor (just email contact!) for one of our biggest day. And we did just that with Jentayu Design. They are so responsive, it's unbelievable. All our queries were answered within 24 hours (or even lesser). Service is impeccable, design is quality & definitely a steal at such price (even with shipping)! Tiny glitch was that we had ordered a certain number of customized envelopes & it was short by about 20-30 (it was because we had ordered an uneven amount). They were kind enough to offer us plain envelopes & 'Thank you' bags (20 pieces) and also additional cards. Absolutely love their service. We owe them a testimonial & this will be it =) Thanks Suhaimi & Jentayu Design - will definitely pass the message & word with regards to the great work that you have done so far. Thank you & Jazakallah khair http://wloveff.blogspot.com

Fiza & Fariheen

Serangoon Central, Singapore



Assalamualaikum.. Perkara pertama yg membuatkan saya tertarik dengan Jentayu Design adalah websitenya. Easy to explore & all the cards are beautiful & different from the others. Tempahan hanya secara online. Mudah, cepat & harga berpatutan. Ramai yang puji kad kahwin kami sangat cantik dan menarik & i've told them it's from JD! Terima kasih JD kerana dapat menyiapkan kad kahwin, notepad & banner dalam masa yang singkat. =) Million thanks

Mimi & Ariff

Kangar, Perlis



Saya telah menerima kad dan envelope. Alhamdulillah..saya sangat2 berpuas hati dengan kualiti dan hasil kerja pihak Jentayu. Tempoh masa yang dinyatakan juga sangat bertepatan. Terima kasih banyak2 atas idea, konsultansi dan hasil yang diberikan.


Petaling Jaya, Selangor



Kami sangat berpuas hati dengan perkhidmatan yang diberikan dan hasil akhir kad serta banner yang telah diterima..segalanya dapat diuruskan dengan mudah dan pantas walaupun segala urusan hanya di atas talian..terima kasih Jentayu Design..

Murni & Amin

Pulau Langkawi, Kedah



Salam..saya sudah dapat kad di tangan...sangat2 berpuas hati dengan outcome tu..thanks a lot to en.suhaimi and the team for realising our wedding card as what we had imagined!! totally recommend jentayu to friends later! thanks very much! 

Ezita & Shahrulzaman




Thanks ye En Suhaimi for your beauty cards.... Most of my friends puji your card.... Thank you very much ;)

Lailasari & Syahiran

Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang



Kad dah sampai tadi, tahniah, sampai tepat pada masanya. Saya amat berpuas hati dengan kad tu. Terima kasih sangat2 ;)

Siti & Iddin

Ranau, Sabah



Alhamdulillah..kad kahwin kami selamat sampai, dan sangat cantik, perkhidmatan amat memuaskan dan kawan-kawan cakap, kad kahwin yang paling cantik pernah dia orang dapat..hehe :P

Vera & Hilmi

Mukah, Sarawak



Terima kasih atas perkhidmatan yang sangat memuaskan. Thank you very much.

Gee & Ariff

Mersing, Johor



Salam....kad kahwin saya selamat sampai.....disini saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih dan rasa sangat berpuas hati saya dengan khidmat yang diberikan oleh pihak tuan....kualiti juga sangat baik berpadanan dengan harga....keep it up....terima kasih sekali lagi....

Fadly & Akma

Keramat, Kuala Lumpur



Alhamdulillah kad amat sempurna & siap pada masa. Thanks for the great service jentayu..

Afiq & Shahida

Kajang, Selangor



Assalamualaikum En. Suhaimi, received the package seminggu lepas. Excellent service and product. Keep up the good work and product quality! We highly recommend your company and products to our friends and family.

Zamri & Salwa




Salam. We've collected the cards. Million thanks!!! My family and I are satisfied with it. We really appreciate your artwork, kindness and your sincerity. The customer service is two-thumbs up! Everything about your company is so great! JazakAllah Khaira (Only Allah can reward you). I'll recommend your company to my relatives and friends, insya Allah. Good job bro and team!

Faizah & Hafidz

Hougang Ave, Singapore



Pertama nak ucap terima kasih banyak2...kerana kad siap dan sampai di tangan saya lebih awal dari tarikh yang dijanjikan. Sebenarnya berdebar jugak nak tempah online...tanpa tengok dan pegang kad, cuma melihat melalui internet aje..tapi alhamdulilah saya berpuas hati dengan kad nie.....good job jentayu design..:p

Siti Fatimah




Terima kasih kepada Jentayu Design kerana membantu saya dalam membuat kad perkahwinan saya...saya sangat berpuas hati dengan hasil kerja dan juga kerjasama yang diberikan.


Kuala Lumpur



Salam sejahtera,

Saya sekeluarga dari Singapura ingin merakamkan setinggi2 penghargaan kepada Jentayu Design. Kami berpuas hati dengan khidmat yang diberikan oleh Jentayu Design atas kerja2 menyiapkan kad kahwin untuk majlis perkahwinan anak kami. Disini kami ingin menyatakan bahawa Jentayu Design benar2 committed dalam kerja2 menyiapkan kad kahwin. Kerja2 artwork yang teliti, layanan yang baik, murah dan berkualiti dan khidmat yang memuaskan. Walaupun berada jauh di Singapura, kami tidak menghadapi sebarang masalah dan kad kahwin dapat disiapkan dalam masa yang dijanjikan. Syabas Jentayu Design.

Dari kami sekeluarga

Mohd Suhaimi B Mohd Amin




Terima kasih banyak-banyak pada pihak Jentayu Design sebab dapat menyiapkan tempahan saya dalam masa yang singkat. Selalunya designer kad yang lain terima tempahan 3 bulan sebelum tarikh tapi Jentayu terima 2 bulan sebelum tarikh. Saya buat tempahan pada 29hb September and kad sampai di rumah pada 13hb Oktober. Lebih kurang dalam 3 minggu jek..Kad pun ada banyak pilihan and harga amatlah berpatutan...Thank you so much...saya sangat2 hargai usaha anda...Keep up the good work and I'll recommend u to others...Thank you...

Nur Diana & Khairi

Keningau, Sabah




Overall, saya berpuas hati dengan servis yang diberikan. Cepat dan takde banyak masalah. Design memang cantik dan yang penting sekali kualiti material kad itu bagus. Thanks.. saya memang akan recommend sape - sape yang nak beli kad dengan jentayu design nih.. thanks a lot..

Anis Aslah

Kamunting, Perak



nice n elegant..... thank you so much jentayu.. love it!

Hayatul Farah & Sayurizam

Taiping, Perak



Thanks untuk suhaimi and jentayu, Kad romance yang saya tempah tu, memang cantik. Puas hati sangat2. Ramai yang puji kad tu cantik, dan terkejut harga kad tu tak semahal yang disangkakan. Lain dari design kad kahwin yang biasa orang pakai. Terima kasih sekali lagi, atas layanan yang baik dan mesra serta kad yang cantik. Confirm akan saya syorkan pada kawan2 yang lain.

Nuriel & Nahir

Bangi, Selangor



tq..kad dah sampai n cantik sangat..so, kawan2 n family pun puji...service pun ok...cepat n mesra..yang paling penting, siap dapat diskaun pulak tu cause buat deposit masa bulan puasa... anyway, great job n keep it up...tqvm

Azah & Ariff

Nibong Tebal, Pulau Pinang



Salam.. Though we just requested for banners & TQ cards but Jentayu design still provides us with such a spectacular service..fast communication,friendly & able to serve impromptu request..Not only that, Jentayu's finished product has good quality with a reasonable price..Jentayu proves themselves as one reliable company !! Thank you so much & keep up the good work :) p/s : Promote to others? Definitely YES!!

Misha & Zameer



Saya happy dengan end product Jentayu! Ramai yang bile tengok kad kami komen CANTIK..hehe. Anyway, credit to Jentayu!

Farah & Zamri
Masjid Tanah, Melaka & Gemas, Negeri Sembilan


Testimonial 1:
Saya sudah tempah tq tag dengan Jentayu Design. Dah dapat pun, cantik sangat2. Semua orang puji. Dengan service yang bagus dan cepat, saya tidak ragu2 lagi untuk membuat tempahan kad kawin pulak. Harganya pun murah sangat. So, kepada sesiapa yang mau tempah kad tidak rugi kalau anda berurusan dengan Jentayu Design...De 1st Class

Testimonial 2:
Assalamualaikum. Firstly, kami berdua ingin mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada en suhaimi, pn Intan dan staff2 Jentayu Design kerana telah bersusah payah menyiapkan tempahan kad kahwin kami. Sebelum ini, saya tak berapa percaya dan yakin dengan semua business melalui internet ni. Tapi, disebabkan tiada masa untuk survey kedai2 kad kerana kami dua2 kerja di sabah dan kalau ada pun harga kad semua mahal2, so saya try jugak membuat tempahan internet ni. Mulanya, saya just buat tempahan "kad terima kasih"dengan Jentayu dan apabila mendapat hasil yang amat memuaskan hati, sekali lagi kami tidak teragak2 memilih jentayu untuk menguruskan kad kahwin kami. Kad kahwin super eco dari Jentayu Design ini juga amat memuaskan hati kami. Dengan harga yang murah, cantik, berkualiti dan banyak pilihan warna, memang sesuai untuk pasangan yang ingin kad dengan bajet murah tapi cantik.. dan yang paling penting service yang diberikan oleh pihak Jentayu memang very good. Sabar melayan kerenah pelanggan yang bermacam2 especially seperti kami ini. Kad jugak dapat disiapkan dengan cepat, hanya dalam msa 2-3 minggu sahaja kami telah terima kad dengan selamat. So, selepas ini saya tak akan teragak2 lagi untuk suggest kat kawan2 or saudara mara untuk berurusan dengan Jentayu Design. SENANG,BAGUS,CEPAT,MURAH DAN CANTIK...Semoga Business Terus Maju.TQ Very Much..

Haslina & Faisal
Kota Bharu, Kelantan


Terima kasih atas kerjasama dan layanan dari pihak JD. Kami sangat berpuas hati dengan kad & tq tag yang ditempah. Simple, murah & ada nilainye tersendiri. sekarang nih kalo ada member nak kawen sure akan saya promotekan JD..semoga produk JD akan terus berkembang ke seantero dunia :)

Nurul & Salehuddin
Rawang, Selangor


Assalamualaikum Jentayu Design,

Saya sukakan design anda. Saya telah membuat sedikit review tentangnya di blog rasmi perniagaan kami, di http://majlisimpian.com/blog . Selamat Maju Jaya!



Dear Jentayu,

Terima kasih di atas kesudian dan kerjasama yang diberikan utk menyiapkan Tag Terima Kasih & Banner untuk kami walaupun kami tahu, masa adalah amat suntuk untuk anda menyiapkannya. Terutamanya, untuk menyiapkan banner. Walaupun masa yang diberikan adalah amat suntuk, anda telah berjaya menyiapkannya dalam masa yang amat singkat. Hasil kerja anda juga amat memuaskan. Tiada sebarang 'error' atau pembetulan yang perlu dilakukan disebabkan ketelitian anda dalam menghasilkannya.

Syabas Jentayu! Keep up the good work! We're looking forward for your creative ideas.
We've recommended Jentayu Design to our friends (bakal pengantin) as well. =)

Million thanks,
Kuala Lumpur


Waalaikumussalam & salam sejahtera,

Saya berpuas hati dengan perkhidmatan yang di berikan oleh Jentayu Design kerana khidmat yang professional dan menepati masa serta senang untuk di bawa berbincang. Hasil kerja juga adalah menarik dan kreatif dengan kos yang berpatutan. 


Mastiah Bt. Ali
Miri, Sarawak



Rosnalini & Kamarul
Bangi, Selangor


Assalamualikum. Terima kasih kepada Team Jentayu Design sbb memenuhi citarasa kami dan yang paling penting sekali budget kami. Kad Super Eco amat menarik dgn 2 warna yang kami minta untuk kedua belah pihak keluarga. Kami akan cadangkan pada kawan-kawan yang mahu berumahtangga supaya memilih kad kawen dari JENTAYU DESIGN

Jaja & Nizar
Tanjung Malim, Perak

Kad yang sangat cantik, ekslusif dan mendapat pujian dari tetamu undangan. Terima kasih, semoga kalian berdua terus berjaya di masa hadapan.....

Kamarul & Ros
Bangi, Selangor


Pertama sekali kami ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada pihak Jentayu Design kerana telah membuatkan kad kahwin kami dengan baik dan yang penting sekali nampak menarik. Selain itu, pihak jentayu telah memberikan perkhidmatan yang bermutu tinggi di samping layanan yang mesra dan sentiasa mengambil berat terhadap kehendak pelanggan. Mudah, cepat dan murah. Itu lah yang kami dapat ucap bagi menggambarkan Jentayu Design. Perkhidmatan yang di berikan sangat la memuaskan hati. Ramai rakan-rakan serta saudara-mara kami memuji kad rekaan Jentayu yg sangat ekslusif dan kreatif.

Semoga Jentayu terus maju dan berjaya. 5 Bintang untuk Jentayu!! (*****)

A million thanks and congratulation!!!!


Herman & Faizah
Kuching, Sarawak



The cards we ordered were of excellent qualities and the prices were well affordable. They were wrapped nicely and securely packaged and delivered to our doorsteps in Singapore. Overall we are thoroughly impressed with Jentayu Design. Suhaimi deserves all the credits for going to great lengths in making this a stress-free process for us. He was very patient throughout and made extra efforts to make sure he understood what we wanted. We will no doubt recommend Jentayu Design to anyone should they need wedding cards!

Naaim & Kirin
Bedok North Avenue, Singapore



Sebenarnya kami berdua mmg puas ati sangat-sangat dengan semua tempahan yg kami buat ngan Jentayu Design ie, bunting, kad kahwin and paper beg..eh, paper beg yati Intan letak dalam web yer...malu lah..hehe.  Ramai yang puji cakap cantik n tanya buat kat kedai mana. Yati pun promote jek lah..Tapi sayang Intan tak dapat datang...adik kawin gak kan masa tu...takpe lah takde rezeki...hehe

Yati tgk web skg banyak design baru2 yer...chayok2 Intan & Amir!

Thank You.

Kind Regards,

Noor Hayati
Kuala Lumpur





Di sini saya ingin mengucapkan tahniah kerana kad kahwin anda dapat pujian dari pihak kami dan mereka sangat tertarik dengan design anda. Don't worry we will promote to our family and friends. Keep up the good work! Thank you very much!

Izzati Inani Majid
Pasir Mas, Kelantan



intan & suhaimi,

kad u all sangat2 cantek..terima kasih..ramai yg puji kad tuh menarik dengan harga yang berpatutan serta proses penghantaran yang cepat...kami akan simpan sebagai kenangan abadi...

izza & nazmi
Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang




Sangat berpuas hati dan sangat bermakna.Kad kahwin jentayu design buat saya dan suami tersenyum puas setiap kali menghulurkan kad jemputan raja sehari kami pada kenalan rapat & sanak-saudara dulu.Rata-rata tertarik pada design kad yang simple namun tampak esklusif dan mempunyai 'sentimental value' untuk diabadikan. Di samping, sticker & tag terima kasih yang sememangnya mmberikan lagi nilai tambah esklusif pada door gift di majlis respsi kami. Kami doakan, dengan kepelbagaian design2 yang baru & esklusif pada masa akan datang, jentayu design dapat pergi lebih jauh dari sekarang..=)

-aini & azmi-
Sepang, Selangor



basically saya sangat berpuashati dengan service yang diberikan oleh jentayu design...hasil kad juga sangat memuaskan n cantik!!ayah saya puji sangat2...some more, saya nak ucapkan terima kasih di atas kesanggupan intan melayan kerenah saya yang buat banyak perubahan di saat akhir...
anyway, good luck to you..n hopefully after this kita bole bekerjasama lagi...well done!!

Shah Alam, Selangor



Saya amat berterima kasih kepada Jentayu Design kerana kad kahwin yang saya tempah online siap lebih awal daripada tarikh yang saya jangkakan. Jangkamasa dari proses tempahan, pengesahan artwork, bayaran, hinggalah kad tersebut siap dan diposkan lebih kurang 10 hari. Dengan jangkamasa tersebut, saya tidak perlu risau dengan pertanyaan pelanggan saya mengenai kad kahwin yang mereka tempah. Insya-Allah siap pada masanya. Seperkara lagi, saya buat tempahan secara online saja kerana saya tinggal di Johor dan saya tak perlu ke Kedai Jentayu Design, semuanya diuruskan secara online...hanya klik thekadkahwin.com Penghantaran pun guna khidmat kurier, cepat dan selamat. Di thekadkahwin.com, banyak pilihan produk kad kahwin dan aksesori yang lain. Bagi bakal pengantin yang bajetnya kecil ambil kad ekonomi, kalau nak yang VIP pun ada...pilih mana yang berkenan sesuai dengan bajet anda! Terima kasih Jentayu Design.

Ledang, Johor



Saya sangat puas hati dengan layanan serta the finished produk.Kad kahwin saya memang \'one of a kind\' dan saya semestinya akan promote this company kepada kawan-kawan dan kenalan saya.Terima kasih Jentayu!

Kuala Lumpur



Thanks JD for the nice design.. Banyak respon positif diterima daripada penerima2 kad jemputan saya yang ditempah dari JD... dan saya sendiri sangat berpuas hati dengan servis anda! Keep up the good work!

Kuala Terengganu



Your wedding card is of a tasteful design, good quality with a reasonable price. we also did a matching paper bags in a rather short notice but you all manage to deliver promptly, you are rather reliable. Overall, we were happy with our choice!

Fariman & Rowena
Bangi, Selangor



Anyway sgt Cool dan Mantap.

Kajang, Selangor



Tag terima kasih yang dihasilkan amat memuaskan hati kami. Layanan yang mesra dan respon emel yang cepat memudahkan urusan. Terima kasih Jentayu Design.

Munirah & Pitri
Tanjung Malim, Perak



Saya dan isteri mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih atas kerjasama dari pihak Jentayu Design dalam memberikan design kad kahwin yang terkini. Saya dan isteri sangat berpuas hati dengan kad jemputan perkahwinan kami dimana kad tersebut adalah sangat berbeza dari kad-kad jemputan lain yang kami temui. Teruskan usaha yang bagus ini dan diharap pasangan-pasangan bakal pengantin yang akan datang juga dapat menemui kad jemputan impian mereka di Jentayu Design. Terima kasih sekali lagi dan Assalamualaikum!

Yang benar,
Kuala Lumpur



Khidmat Pelanggan : Baik, dan sangat mesra dengan pelanggan.
Produk, Kualiti dan Etika Kerja : Sangat baik. Efisien dan menepati masa. Kad design Pn. Intan untuk kami memang ramai orang kagumi. Syabas.

Sekiranya ada pihak mahu membuat kad jemputan, atau lain-lain yang berada di dalam bidang Jentayu Design, saya tidak akan teragak-agak promo kepada mereka.

Faisal Zakaria
Country Height, Kajang, Selangor




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