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Wedding/ Invitation Cards Tips
The first impression people will get of your upcoming wedding will be from the invitations. Your selection will set the tone for the entire affair. Working hand in hand with a wedding invitation specialist is key; they will guide you through everything from the weight and style of paper to which font (writing style) says it best.

Wedding invitations are available in every style, from uptown traditional to downtown dramatic and chic, so selecting your invitations can be a dizzying experience. If you have a theme or color palette in mind, it can certainly help in the selection process. Sometimes even magazine images can be exceptionally handy. But keep in mind that there is no rule saying you have to match the invitations to your wedding color. It’s absolutely a personal choice!


Wedding Invitations : What you need to know...
There are so many different types, different wordings, different print types, color options, bow options, envelope options not to mention the cards or correspondance that gets included. Your invitation style should be selected based on the type of wedding you are having and what mood, or style, you want to set for your bg day. The invitation will also present who is hosting.


First, let's see what style of invitation you want to choose:

1. Formal invitation
2. Semi-formal invitation
3. Hand written invitation
4. Photographic invitation
5. Religious invitation


The difference between the 3 styles can be determinded by the paper weight, color, wording, typeface and print method, just mention a few variables.


1. Formal invitations are nearly always based on a white color. It could use an ivory, cream, white, or a different shade near white. Formal invitations will also use an exquisite print method like engraving or thermography. Formal invitations often use an antique Roman type-face, you do not want to use fonts that are too fancy and not easily read. The invitations will also have a clean design, no graphics like flowers or rings, maybe a family crest or coat of arms if you have one. The coat of arms will usually be that of the brides family.


2. Semi-formal invitations are probably the most popular. The style can vary greatly and you can customize these with color, bows and graphics. Semi-formal invitations are usually printed at a specialty invitation shop by lithography. They can also be printed at home with a laser printer. They will often use a lighter weight paper and have ornaments of either ribbon or a bow. Some will make use of vellum overlays and others will be a single sheet or a folded invitation. These are less expensive than formal invitations and offer greater customization.


3. Hand written invitations are often used for small intimate weddings, or for casual weddings and weddings not set in a traditional fashion. Hand written invitations can be very personal and can be used to convey the creativity of the couple. These invitations can be hand written by the couple, or by a profesional calligrapher.


4. Photographic invitations make for a great keepsake. Engaged couples can have their own engagement photo placed right on the front of the invitation. The photo is often printed in one color, usually that of the font being used on the inside. This is a creative and memorable option that loved ones will be sure to keep. Ask your printer if they offer this option.


5. Religious invitations are very meaningful to those who want to incorporate their faith into their wedding. The invitations will often be folded with the front of the invitation offering an applicable religious phrase verse on love. Graphics often include design by typography.



Source: michaelcfina.com, invitationtips.com

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